David Southall

Hi Andy.
Glad to see my thesis in the list. Had no idea that British Baptists with PhD's are so few. Anyway just to let you know that my thesis has been published in the WUNT series if you ever update this page.
David Southall

andy goodliff

David, i'll had in the information. There are probably others, but not always easy to track down. I know of at least two more recent PhDs.


Andy - You could add Jim Gordon to you list.

Keith G Jones

Andy, yes certainly the list is not complete

Darrell Jackson

Andy, can you add my recently (2009) defended Th.D. thesis to your list: The Discourse of 'Belonging' and Baptist Church Membership in Contemporary Britain: Historical, Theological and Demotic elements of a Post-Foundational Theological Proposal'. Th.D. awarded by Birmingham University. Publication forthcoming (probably 2010).

Andy Goodliff

Of course Darrell, sounds really interesting ...

George Wieland

Just stumbled across this Andy - you could add my NT thesis (I'm British, but have been living and working in NZ for some years): George M. Wieland, The Significance of Salvation: A Study of Salvation Language in the Pastoral Epistles (PhD, Aberdeen, 2003). Published by Paternoster, 2005.




Hi, you missed out me ... Melodies of Community: Towards a Theology of Christian Community
through the metaphor of music, with particular reference to Dietrich Bonhoeffer
and the Iona Community. University of Wales 2005

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