Remembering Baptists: James McClendon (again)

On this day in 2000 James McClendon died. He was one of a few Baptists to offer us a systematic theology and in my opinion it is the most important we Baptists have so far.

Here lies some of the opening lines from each of his 3 Volumes.

From Ethics:

Theology means struggle. It may begin as Bonhoeffer said in silence, but when the silence is broken, a battle begins. This seems regrettable; in matters of great moment, the human heart yearns ceaselessly for secure truth, and it is easy for us to believe that unchallenged beliefs are self-evident truths. A little reflection, however, will show that this is not so; in fact we very often have believed without doubt or contradiction what turn out to be mere falsehoods ... Thus when we set out upon Christian theology or ethics we must be reconciled to the fact that here as elsewhere hard truth is not available without hards struggles.

From Doctrine:

In shaping its teaching, the church seeks simply to be the church, so that Christians may be a people who find in Christ their centre, in the Spirit their communion, in God's reign their rule of life.

From Witness:

Consider the following image: We Christians, in the short time, we have existed, as measured by humankind's longer history have all crossed into a unknown realm, in Jesus' phrase "a kingdom"; we have explored its boundaries, discovered its laws, encountered its majesty, found our true selves buy finding it. Now, like so many Marco Polos, we return to find our homeland a strange country. Unaware of our journey, it speaks a language we have not heard when abroad. Its ways, seen now through our refocused eyes, are at once familiar and questionable. We wish to tell of our exotic journey and to divide our booty with those at home, but how can our offer be understood? The image is in several ways defective, yet it has its point; Christians must take their place anew the old setting. To find the new standpoint in our earthly homeland calls for a Christian critique of its culture; thus we will see where and how the church must stand to be the church.


Remembering Baptists: James McClendon

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Today in 2000 James McClendon died. He authored Ethics, Doctrine & Witness & provided baptistic vision of theology

McClendon's baptistic theology was centred around a conviction that 'this is that.' His work sits alongside that of Hauerwas & Yoder.

Alongside his 3-volume systematic theology, McClendon did important work on biography as theology & the importance of convictions

IBTS in Prague & now Amsterdam through Parush Parushev, Keith Jones & now @StuartMBlythe has been a centre for theology Jim McClendon style.

The 3rd volume of The Collected Works of Jim McClendon @Baylor_Press is due out early 2016.

Hauerwas on MClendon: 'I always suspect that God gave Jim a Catholic body but forced him to live a baptist life - a small 'b' Baptist life'

The importance of Jim McClendon's theology is he starts with Ethics & then Doctrine reversing the practice of the way much theology is done.

Remembering Baptists: Benjamin Keach

Today (18 July) is a day to remember the life of the Particular Baptist theologian and pastor Benjamin Keach.

Keach was the leading theological thinker of the late 17th Century among the Particular Baptists. Author of numerous works and pastor of a congregation in Horsleydown, Southwark.

Born on the 29 Feb 1640. He became a General Baptist in his teens. He was arrested, imprisoned, tried, fined, and his works burnt in 1660 and 1664. Following which he moved to London and moved from the General Baptists to the Particular Baptists, probably through the influence of his second wife Susannah and his friendship with Hanserd Knollys.

He argued with the likes of Richard Baxter against infant baptism and authored catechisms and confessions as well as allegorical works in a similar vein to John Bunyan. He argued for the laying on hands following baptism, which at time the Particular Baptists were unconvinced by and more famously he argued for the use of hymns in worship. When his church in Horsleydown voted to sing a hymn following the sermon, some have said we are the beginnings of the great tradition of English Protestant hymnody.

For more on the life of Benjamin Keach see:

Jonathan Arnold, The Reformed Theology of Benjamin Keach (Centre for Baptist History & Heritage; Regent's Park College, 2013)

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Glen Harold Stassen, Baptist Ethicist and Peacemaker (1936-2014)

Glen Stassen (1936-2014) died earlier this week. He was Lewis B. Smedes Professor of Christian Ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary and the director of the Just Peacemaking Initiative and he was a Baptist.

Author of Just Peacemaking, Kingdom Ethics and A Thicker Jesus, amongst much else. A Thicker Jesus is based on his 2011 The Nordenhaug Memorial lectures delivered at IBTS.

Larry L. McSwain and Wm. Loyd Allen named him amongst the Twentieth-century Shapers of Baptist Social Ethics. His work should be read alongside and in conversation with that of Yoder, Hauerwas and McClendon, whom he counted friends.  

In 2013 he was the recipient of the Baptist World Alliance Denton and Janice Lotz Human Rights Award.

Last year's Summer edition of the Baptist journal Perspectives in Religious Studies honoured him with a festschrift and earlier this year, former students published Ethics as if Jesus Mattered: Essays in Honor of Glen H. Stassen (Smyth & Helwys, 2014).

David Gushee remembers his teacher and colleague Prof Stassen here, as do the faculty at IBTS, another former student Michael L. Westmoreland-White, and current Spurgeon's tutor Joshua Searle.

British Baptist Theologians 20: Keith G. Jones


BA (Manchester) - Northern Baptist College
MA in Peace Studies - Bradford (1980)
PhD - (University of Wales) - IBTS (2007)

1980-1990 General Secretary, Yorkshire Baptist Association
1990-1998 Deputy General Secretary, Baptist Union
1998-2013 Rector, International Baptist Theological Seminary


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British Baptist Theologians 19: David McIlroy

S200_david.mcilroyVisiting Senior Lecturer in Law, SOAS

Associate Research Fellow, Spurgeon's College

PhD (Spurgeon's College / University of Wales)


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British Baptist Theologians 18: John Weaver

BSc and PhD in Geology at the University College of Wales, Swansea

MA Theology (Oxford)

1992-2001 Director of Pastoral Training and Tutor in Pastoral Theology, Regent’s Park College, Oxford

2001-2011 Principal, South Wales Baptist College, Cardiff

2008-2009 President, Baptist Union

1997 Templeton Award for MTh course taught in Science and Faith.


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British Baptist Theologians 17: Paul Ballard

Warden of the Collegiate Centre, University College, Cardiff
Tutor in Pastoral Studies, University College, Cardiff
Professor in School of Religious and Theological Studies, University College, Cardiff


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British Baptist Theologians 16. Michael H. Taylor

Michael Taylor was Director of Christian Aid for twelve years from 1985–97, and from 2001–04 was seconded by the University to be Director of the World Faiths Development Dialogue. He was closely involved in the creation of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics. He was President of the Jubilee 2000 Debt Campaign and chairs several NGOs. He is interested in using the insights of faith traditions (mainly Christianity) to inform social policy especially in the area of poverty reduction and human development.

Principal, Northern Baptist College (1969-1985)

Director of Christian Aid (1985-1997)

Professor of Social Theology, University of Birmingham (1997-)

Director of the World Faiths Development Dialogue (2001-2004)


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British Baptists and Inter-Faith Dialogue

This is still a relatively new area of engagement for Baptists. The Joppa Baptist Interfaith network began in 1985. A report on interfaith is being presented to BU Council in November 2009 .

Paul Weller Baptist Minister and Professor of of Inter-Religious Relations at the University of Derby and Visiting Fellow in the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture at Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford, UK.

MA Theology, University of Oxford (1981); MPhil on a Baptist Contribution to the Theology & Practice of Dialogue, University of Manchester (1988); PhD on The Rushdie Controversy, Religious Plurality & Established Religion, University of Leeds (1996)

Selected Publications

'Freedom and witness in a multi-religious society: A Baptist perspective', Baptist Quarterly 33 (April & July 1990), pp. 252-264, pp. 302-315.

'Equity, Inclusivity and Participation in a Plural Society: Challenging the Establishment of the Church of England' in P. Edge and G. Harvey (eds) Law and Religion in Contemporary Society:

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Nicholas J. Wood
. Baptist Minister, Dean and Tutorial Fellow in Religion and Culture, Regent's Park College, Oxford and Director of the Centre for Christianity and Culture. Chair of JOPPA, the Baptist Inter-Faith Network. A president of the National Christian Muslim Forum.

PhD, University of Oxford (1996)

(ed.), A Baptist Perpsective on Interfaith Dialogue (Joppa, 1992)

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