British Baptist Biblical Scholars (8) Marie E. Isaacs

Regent's Park College (1960-1962)

DPhil (Oxford, 1972)


Chaplain, University of Birmingham (1962-1968)

Doctoral Studies, St. Hugh's, Oxford (1969-1972). Supervised by Morna Hooker

Tutor, Heythrop College (1973-2001)

Minister, Heath Street Baptist Church (1987-2011)

See here for some reflections on the 50th anniversary of her ordination as a Baptist minister in 2013. Marie was the fifth woman to be ordained in the Baptist Union.



The Concept of Spirit:A Study of Pneuma in Hellenistic Judaism and its bearing on the New Testament (1976)

'The Prophetic Spirit in the Fourth Gospel', Heythrop Journal 24.4 (1983)

Sacred Space: An Approach to the Theology of the Epistle to the Hebrews (Sheffield Academic Press, 1992)

'Hebrews' in John Barclay and John Sweet (eds.), Early Christian Thought in its Jewish Context. Festschrift in Honour of Morna Hooker's 65th Birthday (Cambridge, 1996)

'Priesthood and the Epistle to the Hebrews', Heythrop Journal 38.1 (1997)

'Hebrews 13.9-16 Revisited', New Testament Studies 43.2 (1997)

Why Bother with Hebrews?', Heythrop Journal 43.1 (2002)

Reading Hebrews and James: A Literary and Theological Commentary (Smyth & Helwys, 2002)

'Hebrews' in Mills and Wilson (eds.), Mercer Commentary on the New Testament (Mercer, 2003)

British Baptist Biblical Scholars (7) Rex Mason


PhD (London, 1976); supervised by Peter Ackroyd; DD (Oxford)

Tutor in Old Testament, Spurgeon's College (1965-1975)
Senior Tutor, Regent's Park College, Oxford (1975-1991)
Lecturer in Old Testament, University of Oxford (1981-1993)

Major Publications

'The Relation of Zech 9—14 to Proto-Zechariah', Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 88.2 (1976)

'The Purpose of the "Editorial Framework" of the Book of Haggai', Vests Testamentum 27.4 (October 1977)

The Books of Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi (Cambridge, 1977)

'The Prophets of the Restoration' in Richard Coggins et al (eds.), Israel's Prophetic Tradition: Essays in Honor of Peter R. Ackroyd (Cambridge, 1982)

'Some Echoes of the Preaching in the Second Temple? Tradition Elements in Zechariah 1—8', Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 96.2 (1984)

'The Treatment of Earlier Biblical Themes in the Book of Daniel' in James L. Crenshaw (ed.), Perspectives on the Hebrew Bible: Essays in Honor Walter J. Harrelson (Mercer, 1988)

Preaching the Tradition: Homily and Hermeneutics After the Exile (Cambridge, 1990)

Micah, Nahum and Obadiah (Sheffield, 1991)

Old Testament Pictures of God (Smyth & Helwys, 1993)

Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Joel (JSOT, 1994)

Propaganda and Subversion in the Old Testament (SPCK, 1997)

'The Messiah in the Postexilic Old Testament Literature' in John Day (ed.), King and Messiah in Israel and the Ancient Near East (Sheffield, 1998)

'H. Wheeler Robinson Revisited', Baptist Quarterly 37.5 (1998)

'Ronald Ernest Clements: An Appreciation' in Edward Ball (ed.), In Search of True Wisdom: Essays in Old Testament Interpretation in Honour of Ronald E. Clements (Sheffield, 1999)

Jeremiah: A Bible Commentary for Every Day (Bible Reading Fellowship, 2002)

'The Use of Earlier Biblical Material in Zechariah 9-14: A Study in Inner Biblical Exegesis' in Mark Boda et al (eds.), Bringing Out the Treasure: Inner Biblical Illusion in Zechariah 9-14 (Sheffield, 2003)

'Hermeneutics: The Interface between Critical Scholarship and the Faith of the Community' in Helen Dare and Simon Woodman (eds.), The "Plainly Revealed" Word of God? Baptist Hermeneutics in Theory and Practice (Mercer, 2011)

British Baptist Biblical Scholars (6) R. Alistair Campbell

PhD (supervised by Graham Stanton / London, 1993)

Tutor in New Testament, Spurgeon's College (1989-2000)

Lecturer in Biblical Studies at the United Theological College of the West Indies in Jamaica (2003-2006)


'The Grounds of Association.' in David Slater (ed.) A Perspective on Baptist Identity (Mainstream, 1987), 7-14

'Essential Aspects of the Church in the Bible', Evangelical Review of Theology 3 (1989)

'Does Paul Acquiesce in Divisions at the Lord's Supper?', Novum Testamentum 33.1 (1991)

'Do the Work of an Evangelist', Evangelical Quarterly 64 (1992)

'The Elders of the Jerusalem Church', Journal of Theological Studies 44 (1993)

The Elders: Seniority within Earliest Christianity (T & T Clark, 1994)

'Identifying the Faithful Sayings in the Pastoral Epistles', Journal for the Study of the New Testament 16 (October 1994) 

'Κα μλιστα ο κεων–A New Look at 1 Timothy 5.8', New Testament Studies 41.1 (1995)

'Jesus and his Baptism', Tyndale Bulletin 47.2 (November 1996)

'Once More: Is Worship ‘Biblical’?', The Churchman 110.2 (1996)

'Against such things there is no law'? Galatians 5:23b again', Expository Times 107 (1996) 

'Baptism and Resurrection (1 Cor 15.29)', Australian Biblical Review 47 (1999), 43-52

'Dying with Christ: The Origins of a Metaphor?' in Stanley E. Porter and Anthony R. Cross (eds.), Baptism, the New Testament and the Church: Historical and Contemporary Studies in Honour of R. E. O. White (Sheffield Academic Press, 1999)

The Story We Live by: A Reader's Guide to the New Testament (Bible Reading Fellowship, 2004)

'Book Review: House Church and the Mission: The Importance of Household Structures in Early Christianity by Roger W. Gehring', Journal of Theological Studies 58.2 (2007), 666-671

'Triumph and delay: the interpretation of Revelation 19:11-20:10', Evangelical Quarterly (January 2008)

'New birth from Water and Spirit’ in Pieter J. Lalleman (ed.), Challenging to Change: Dialoguse with a Radical Baptist Theologian: Essays Presented to Nigel G. Wright on his sixtieth birthday (Spurgeon's College, 2009)

Born Again: What Did Jesus Mean? (Grove Books, 2013)

British Baptist Biblical Scholars (5) Simon Woodman

MLitt (Bristol), PhD (University of Cardiff)

Tutor in Biblical Studies, South Wales Baptist College (2004-2012)
Minister, Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, London (2012-)


'A Biblical Basis for Affirming Women in Ministry', Baptist Minister's Journal 296 & 297 (2006-2007)

The Book of Revelation. SCM Core Text (SCM, 2007)

'The Plain and Literal Meaning of the Text: A Seventeenth-Century Particular Baptist Perspective on Revelation 20.1-7' in William John Lyons and Jorunn Okland (eds.), The Way the World Ends? The Apocalypse of John in Culture and Ideology (Sheffield Phoenix, 2009)

'"An alien in the land": A summary of Singing the Ethos of God by Brian Brock', European Journal of Theology 18.2 (2009)

'Can the Book of Revelation be a Gospel for the Environment?' in Matthew J. M. Coomber (eds.) Bible and Justice: Ancient Texts, Modern Challenges (Equinox, 2011)

'Turn or Burn!: A Nonviolent Reading of Fire and Burning in the Book of Revelation' in Anthony R. Cross and Ruth Gouldbourne (eds.), Questions of Identity: Essays in Honour of Brian Haymes (Regent's Park College, 2011)  

'Stoned in the Pulpit: The Controversial Preaching of Hanserd Knollys' in William John Lyons and Isabella Sandwell (eds.), Delivering the Word: Preaching and Exegesis in the Western Christian Tradition (Equinox, 2011)

(ed.) with Karen E. Smith, Prayers of the People (Regent's Park College, 2011)

(ed.) with Helen Dare, 'The 'Plainly Revealed' Word of God? Baptist Hermeneutics in Theory and Practice (Mercer, 2011)

'The Dissenting Voice: Journeying together towards a Baptist hermeneutic' in S. Woodman and H. Dare (eds), 'The 'Plainly Revealed' Word of God? Baptist Hermeneutics in Theory and Practice (Mercer, 2011)

The Story of Women In Ministry in the Baptist Union of Great Britain (Baptist Union, 2011)

'The Evolving Agenda of Biblical Studies?' in Stephen Finamore and John Weaver (eds.), Wisdom, Science and the Scriptures: Essays in Honour of Ernest Lucas (Centre for Baptist History and Heritage and Bristol Baptist College, 2012) 

British Baptist Scholars (4) Ralph P. Martin

4 August 1925 - 25 February 2013

Trained for Baptist ministry at Manchester

PhD King's College London, 1963

1959-1965 Tutor in New Testament, London Bible College
1965-1969 Lecturer in New Testament, University of Manchester
1969-1988 Professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary
1988-1995 Professor, Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield

Selected Publications

The Epistle of Paul to the Philippians: An Introduction and Commentary (Tyndale New Testament Commentaries, Eerdmans 1959, 1987)

Worship in the Early Church (Marshall, Morgan & Scott, 1964, 1974)

Carmen Christi: Philippians 2.5-11 in Recent Interpretation and in the Setting of Early Christian Worship (Cambridge, 1967, 1983, 1997)

Mark: Evangelist and Theologian (Paternoster, 1972)

New Testament Foundations (2 Vol., Eerdmans, 1978, 1994)

The Family and the Fellowship: New Testament Images of the Church (Paternoster, 1979) 

Reconciliation (John Knox, 1981)

The Worship of God: Some Theological, Pastoral and Practical Reflections (Eerdmans, 1982)

2 Corinthians (Word Biblical Commentary, 1987)

James (World Biblical Commentary, 1988)

Ephesians, Colossians and Philemon (Interpretation Bible Commentaries, 1991)

(ed.) with Gerald Hawthrone and Daniel Reid, Dictionary of Paul and His Letters (IVP, 1993)

with Andrew Lincoln, The Theology of the Letters of James, Peter and Jude (Cambridge, 1994) [Martin wrote the sections on Peter and Jude]

(ed.) with Peter Davids, Dictionary of the Later New Testament and its Development (IVP, 1997)

British Baptist Scholars (3) Ernest C. Lucas

Akkadian prophecies, omens and myths as background for Daniel chapters 7-12 (Ph.D)—University of Liverpool, 1989

1986-1994 Education Director, Institute for Contemporary Christianity

1994-2012 Tutor in Biblical Studies, Bristol Baptist College

2010- Research Fellow, University of Bristol


'The Origin of Daniel's Four Empires Scheme Re-examined', Tyndale Bulletin 40.2 (1989)

Science and the New Age Challenge (Apollos, 1996)

(ed.), Christian healing: what can we believe? (Lynx, 1997)

'Science, Wisdom, Eschatology and the Cosmic Christ' in K. E.  Brower and M. K. Elliot (eds.), The Reader Must Understand: Eschatology in Bible and Theology (Apollos, 1997)

'The New Testament teaching on the environment', Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies 16.3 (July 1999)

Decoding Daniel: Reclaiming the Visions of Daniel 7-11 (Grove Books, 2000)

Can we believe Genesis today?: the Bible and the questions of science (IVP, 2001)

Daniel. Apollos Old Testament Commentary (Apollos, 2002)

Exploring the Old Testament: The Psalms and wisdom literature (SPCK, 2003)

Ezekiel: A Bible Commentary for Every Day (Bible Reading Fellowship, 2003)

'A Statue, a Fiery Furnace and a Dismal Swamp: A Reflection on Some Issues in Biblical Hermeneutics', Evangelical Quarterly 77.4 (2005)

'Science and the Bible: Are They Incompatible?', Science and Christian Belief 17 (2005)

'Daniel' in Kevin Vanhoozer et al (eds.), Theological Interpretation of the Old Testament (Baker, 2008)

'Wisdom Theology' in T. Longman III and P. Enns (eds.), Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry and Writings (IVP, 2008)

with Michael Pfunder, Think God, Think Science: Conversations on Life, the Universe and Faith (Paternoster, 2009)

'Daniel, Book of' in M.J. Boda and J.G. McConville (eds.), Dictionary of Old Testament Prophets (IVP, 2012)

Proverbs (Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary; Eerdmans, 2015)

British Baptist Biblical Scholars (2) Ronald E. Clements


PhD (Sheffield, 1961, supervised by F. F. Bruce) - 'The Divine Dwelling Place in the Old Testament

1960-1967 Lecturer in Old Testament Language, Literature and Theology, University of Edinburgh
1967-1984 Lecture in Old Testament, University of Cambridge
1984-1992 Samuel Davidson Professor of Old Testament, King's College London

Major Publications

God and temple (Basil Blackwell, 1965)

Abraham and David : Genesis XV and its meaning for Israelite tradition (SCM, 1967)

The conscience of the nation: a study of early Israelite prophecy (Oxford, 1967)

God's chosen people: a theological interpretation of the book of Deuteronomy (SCM, 1968)

Exodus (Cambridge, 1972)

Prophecy and Tradition (Blackwell, 1975)

A century of Old Testament study (Lutterworth, 1976, rev ed. 1983)

'Patterns in the Prophetic Canon' in George W. Coats and Burke O. Long (eds.), Canon and Authority: Essays in Old Testament Religion and Theology (Fortress, 1977)

Old Testament theology: a fresh approach (Marshall Morgan & Scott, 1978)

Isaiah and the deliverance of Jerusalem: a study of the interpretation of prophecy in the Old Testament (JSOT, 1980)

Isaiah 1-39 (Marshall Morgan & Scott, 1980)

'"A Remnant Chosen by Grace" (Romans 11.5): The Old Testament Background and Origin of the Remnant Concept', Donald A. Hagner and Murray J. Harris (ed.), Pauline Studies: Essays Presented to Professor F. F. Bruce on His 70th Birthday (Paternoster, 1980)

'The Unity of the Book of Isaiah', Interpretation 36 (1982)

In Spirit and Truth: Insights from Biblical Prayers (John Knox Press, 1985)

'Isaiah 45.20-25: The Goal of Faith', Interpretation 40 (1986)

Jeremiah (Interpretation; John Knox Press, 1988)

'Solomon and the Origins of Wisdom in Israel' in James L. Crenshaw (ed.), Perspectives on the Hebrew Bible: Essays in Honor of Walter J. Harrelson (Mercer, 1988)

Deuteronomy (JSOT, 1989)

(ed.), The World of Ancient Israel: Sociological, Anthropological and Political Pespectives (Cambridge, 1991)

Wisdom in theology. The 1989 Didsbury Lectures (Paternoster, 1992)

'The Good Neighbour in the Book of Proverbs' in Heather A. mcKay and David J. Clines (eds.), Of Prophets' Visions and the Wisdom of Sages: Essays in Honour of R. Norman Whybray (Sheffield, 1993)

'Wisdom, Virtue and the Human Condition' in M. Daniel Carroll (ed.), The Bible in Human Society: Essays in Honour of John Rogerson (Sheffield, 1995)

Old Testament Prophecy: From Oracles to Canon (Westminster John Knox Press, 1996)

Ezekiel (Westminster John Knox Press, 1996)

'The Deuteronomic Law of Centralisation and the Catastrophe of 587 B.C.' in John Barton and David James Reimer (eds.), After the Exile: Essays in Honour of Rex Mason (Mercer, 1996)

'Deuteronomy' in New Interperter's Bible Vol II (Abingdon, 1998)

'"Who is Blind But My Servant?" (Isaiah 42.19): How Then Shall We Read Isaiah?' in Tod Linafelt and Timothy Kandler Beal (eds.), God in the Fray: A Tribute to Walter Brueggemann (Fortress, 1998)

'The Sources of Wisdom' in Warren S. Brown (ed.), Understanding Wisdom: Sources, Science and Society (Templeton Foundation, 2000)

The book of Deuteronomy: a preacher's commentary (Epworth, 2001)

'Isaiah: A Book without an Ending', Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 97 (2002)

'Proverbs' in James D. G. Dunn and John William Rogerson (eds.), Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible (Eerdmans, 2003)

'The Former Prophets and Deuteronomy - A Re-Examination' in J. Harold Ellens et al (eds.), God's Word for Our World: Biblical Studies in Honor of Simon John De Vries (T & T Clark, 2004)

'Prophecy Interpreted: Intertextuality and Theodicy - A case study in Jeremiah 26.16-24' in John Goldingay (ed.), Uprooting and Planting: Essays on Jeremiah for Leslie Allen (T & T Clark, 2007)

British Baptist Biblical Scholars (1) David S. Russell


B. Litt (Oxford); D. Litt (Glasgow, 1967); Hon DD (Glasgow, 1980); OBE (1982)

Principal, Rawdon College (1953-1964)
Joint Principal, Northern Baptist College (1964-1967)
General Secretary of the Baptist Union (1967-1982)
President of the Baptist Union (1982-1983)

Delivered the Hayward Lectures and Nordenhaug Memorial Lectures (published as Apocalyptic: Ancient and Modern)

Major Publications

Between the testaments (SCM, 1960, rev ed., 1963)

The method & message of Jewish apocalyptic, 200 BC - AD 100 (SCM, 1964)

The Jews from Alexander to Herod (OUP, 1967)

Apocalyptic: ancient and modern (SCM, 1978)

Daniel (Saint Andrew Press, 1981)

From early Judaism to early Church (SCM, 1986)

The Old Testament pseudepigrapha : patriarchs and prophets in early Judaism (SCM, 1987)

Daniel: an active volcano: reflections on the Book of Daniel (St. Andrew's, 1989)

Poles apart: the Gospel in creative tension (St. Andrew's, 1990)

Divine disclosure: an introduction to Jewish apocalyptic (SCM, 1992)

Prophecy and the apocalyptic dream: protest and promise (Hendrickson, 1994)

'Apocalyptic Imagery as Political Cartoon' in John Barton and David James Reimer (eds.), After the Exile: Essays in Honour of Rex Mason (Mercer, 1996)

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