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#food & faith: A Theology of Eating

We spent the last three evenings at church talking food and faith over food. We did a three-course meal over three weeks. Our companion was Norman Wirzba's excellent Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating. The different evenings explored eating as a spiritual practice, godly gardening and saying grace.

Our conversations covered a range of topics - eating, cooking, growing, buying - and what it might mean for us as Christians.

Below is some sentences from the book  (which were tweeted @bvbc_southend) that we chewed over.

"eating reminds us that we are finite and mortal creatures dependent on God's many good gifts" (Wirzba) #foodandfaith

"food is about the relationships that join us to earth, fellow creatures, loved one and guests, and ultimately God" (Wirzba) #foodandfaith

"people should feast so they do no forget the grace and blessing of the world ... 1/2 #foodandfaith

"people should fast so they do not degrade or hoard the good gifts of God" (Wirzba) 2/2 #foodandfaith

"thoughtful eating reminds us no human fellowship without table, kitchen, garden, ecosystem & source in God" (Wirzba) #foodandfaith

"because we eat, we are always firmly WITHIN creation and so must learn to live responsibly there" (Wirzba) #foodandfaith

to talk about spiritual cultivation of people means that we need gardening exercises like weeding & fertilizing to be applied to us #foodandfaith

"The timing of a gardener's life is set by the garden, not the gardener" (Wirzba) #foodandfaith

"humility is the realisation that for our living we depend on many others, even the sacrifices of others" (Wirzba) 1/3 #foodandfaith

"As we begin to take stock of the great number and variety of gifts that feed into our being, we also see ... 2/3 #foodandfaith

... how inappropriate and dishonest it is to think we could live alone on terms set by and for us" (Wirzba) 3/3 #foodandfaith

"to say grace over a meal is among the highest & most honest expressions of our humanity" (Wirzba) #foodandfaith

"too much of the food we eat, when we fully see and understand, lodges in our throats as a cry of offense to its dignity" 1/2 #foodandfaith

"oftentimes we cannot fix damage we have done & so we must weep. We must learn songs of confession & repentance" 2/2 (Wirzba) #foodandfaith

"to eat is to see, smell, touch, and taste God's provisioning care" (Wirzba) #foodandfaith


Jason Goroncy

What a great idea. I will share this with my students. Thanks Andy.

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