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Jonathan Tran on the theology of Stanley Hauerwas

At the beginning of November there was a day to celebrate the life and work of Stanley Hauerwas on his retirement at Duke Divinity School. At the beginning of one paper offered on the day, former student Jonathan Tran attempted to describe the Hauerwas theological project through the many many titles of Hauerwas' work:

In (this) Good Company of people who know about Performing the Faith, regarding the deep and wide influence of Stanley Hauerwas, one need only say Working with Words within The State of the University, and now Approaching the End, Stanley Hauerwas, a.k.a, Hannah's Child has been a Suffering Presence for A Better Hope, as he Without Apology, calls Resident Aliens back to A Community of Character, he understands as the Cross-Shattered Church.

For ask any Hauerwas Reader, including my good friend Matthew, a Companion to Christian Ethics, Stanley hasn't exactly been Naming the Silences as he has written on every conceivable topic from Christianity, Democracy and the Radical Ordinary to Wilderness Wanderings. Hauerwas now Growing Old, With the Grain of the UniverseDispatches from the Front those who claim War and the American Difference, often driving them to God, Medicine and Suffering.

Preaching the Wisdom of the Cross in Dissent from the Homeland, Prof Hauerwas heralds Character and the Christian Life as the seat of the Vision and Virtue necessary to ask questions like Should War Be Eliminated?, praying with Prayers Plainly Spoken that God would Sanctify them in Truth(fulness) and Tragedy, because he believes that Schooling Christians on The Truth About God, entails After ChristendomChristian Existence TodayUnleashing the ScripturesAgainst the Nations, indeed Where Resident Aliens Live, Gently in a Violent World as The Peaceable Kingdom.

You can see a video of the whole paper here.


Kim Fabricius

A tour de force, for sure! It only remains for someone to tweet all Stanley's opus...

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