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Baptist History gets a boost ...

The Angus Library, based at Regent's Park College, Oxford has secured substantional funding to help further interest and educational opportunities into Baptist history.

The Angus Library is the leading collection of Baptist history and heritage worldwide.

It contains more than 70,000 items relating to the life and history of Baptists in Britain and the wider scene. The Library unites the original collection of historical materials gathered by Principal Joseph Angus in the nineteenth century with the libraries and archive of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and the Baptist Historical Society, and of the Baptist Missionary Society.

It offers printed books, pamphlets, journals, church and association records, church histories, manuscript letters and other artefacts from the early sixteenth century to the present day. It contains a comprehensive collection of Baptist periodicals from around the world.

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Sorry, but have I understood this correctly? BUGB, on its knees financially, and facing major cuts in funding towards Home Mission and staff in Didcot and Associations, has decided to make a significant investment in a history project? Do we know the exact amount BUGB are contributing to this project?

I realise understanding our story is important, and I appreciate that historical research has a role to play in this process, but this does seem a bewildering priority for a movement which claims to be in ‘transition for mission.’

Andy Goodliff

The Newington Court money is a designated fund, its not in general funds (BU sold Newington Court a few years back and interest is used to fund specific projects). I'm not sure how much has come from Newington Fund (not much I imagine out of the total). Trevor I think I'd disagree this unrelated to mission. As a Baptist people we do next to nothing in terms of theology and history in comparison to other 'denominations', I don't be-grudge this small amount of money being used in this way.

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