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A Nativity Story

(This was my attempt, poor as it is, to try and do nativity story a la Julia Donaldson)

In a village named Nazareth our story begins with
A man called Joe with hammer and saw
A handsome donkey enjoying his straw
A gossiping gaggle of women next door
A stern village leader who growls and who glares
And a young girl called Mary without any cares

And Joe said, ‘Ugggh’ as his hammer hit a nail
And the donkey said, ‘Ere-ore’ swishing his tail
‘Chatter, chatter, chatter’ said the women without fail
‘I like everything right’ said the old village leader
while Mary said, ‘I want to be more than a cook and a cleaner’

One day in Nazareth
An angel appeared, out of the blue
to Mary he said ‘a baby is growing inside of you’
‘Wowzers’ said Mary, ‘But I’m still a virgin!’
Joe said ‘What is this that’s now occuring?’
‘Ere-ore’ said the donkey his head a-turning
‘Well I never!’ said the women at the front door
while the village leader’s chin dropped to the floor!

On the long road to Bethlehem
The very pregnant Mary lets out a tired sigh
An anxious Joe holds her hand – what a good guy!
The donkey, ambles behind, under the night sky
The gossiping women said ‘What a journey to make; hope not too late!’
The village leader said ‘At least they married before the due date’

In Bethlehem town it’s busy and bustling
The first inn-keeper said ‘Full-up, no room’
The second was sorry ‘it’s the census boom’
The third said ‘I’ve a stable where you can sleep’
With no other choice, Mary and Joe lie down in a heap
While even the donkey is soon making no peep

During the night, in a make-shift maternity ward
Mary said ‘Oooowwww’
Joseph said ‘Push’
The donkey said ‘Ere-ore’
And Jesus went ‘Wwwaaaaaaa’

During the same night, on a cold hillside nearby
Angels appear with news of a birth
Some shepherds said ‘What on earth!’
the Angels said ‘No, peace on earth, and goodwill to all men’
well the sheep are stunned – all a fright in their pen
and the shepherd’s ask, ‘Just tell us where and then when!’

Later that night, in wonder and joy
shepherds arrive, having left their employ
To see for themselves the tiny new boy
Into the light, what a sight!
There’s Mary, there’s Joe and a donkey there too
All looking at Jesus, wrapped in cloth coloured blue

From far away country, a long journey to make
Travelled wise men without any break
They followed a star, shining so bright
To Bethlehem it led them night by night
And there they found, the king long foretold
And gifts they gave, incense, myrrh and precious gold

This tale we tell, at each Christmas time,
With song, and story and even some rhyme
It’s a story of God who loves everyone
that he sent from heaven is one, only Son
so to Jesus we come, please hear us today
as we say, with Mary, ‘Lord have your way!’


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