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Systematic Theology, the recent past and the next few years

In the last thirty years there have been (arguably) four important works of systematic theology. Each offering something different.

Robert Jenson, Systematic Theology (2 Vols - The Triune God, The Works of God)

Wolfhart Pannenberg, Systematic Theology (3 Vols)

Jürgen Moltmann, Contributions to a Systematic Theology (5 Vols - The Trinity and the Kingdom of God, God in Creation, The Way of Jesus Christ, The Spirit of Life, The Coming of God)

James McClendon, Jr. (3 Vols - Ethics, Doctrine, Witness)

The next few years should see the first full-length systematic theologies from an English theologian.

Colin Gunton was writing one before he died (a version of the first of a projected 4-volumes should appear in November). We await systematic theologies from John Webster and Sarah Coakley who are both promising one (Coakley's first volume is on the Trinity and is due out next year; but it will apparently be a few years until we see the first of Webster's projected 5 volumes). I think Paul Fiddes would one day like to write one in conversation with literature. John Colwell wrote an excellent short systematic theology around the liturgical year which demands a longer version.

Over in the United States, Kathryn Tanner has provided us with a sketch of a systematic theology and one day may write an expanded version. We may also eventually see one from Bruce McCormack.


John McNassor

I think it takes a breadth of vision to produce a genuinely great systematic theology. The ones you mention certainly qualify. I am grateful you include McClendon's work which I hope in the years ahead will begin to come into its own.
John McNassor

david bartosik

Grudem? Erickson? Neither get a shout out?

Kevin Hargaden

Are there Catholic Systematic theologies you'd recommend?

Andy Goodliff

Catholic systematic theology would have to be Hans Urs von Balthasar Trilogy - The Glory of the Lord, Theo-Drama, Theo Logic - written between 1961-1987, and translated into English (1982-2005) ...

Grudem has (sadly) probably sold the most copies and i guess is important from a conservative evangelical point of view, I just don't think it is good and wouldn't recommend it.

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