Beyond 400: Reflections halfway through
Beyond 400: Questioning Some 'Myths'

Baptist Quarterly Online

Every article from the Baptist Quarterly 1922-2000 is now available to download here.

As we continue to work towards seeing the future beyond400 we might want to listen to the past. Here's a small number that maybe helpful and/or interesting.

'The Baptist Doctrine of the Church' (1948)

W. M. S. West, 'Baptists and the Future' (1967)

L. G. Champion, 'Evanglelical Calvinism and the Structures of Baptist Church Life' (1981)

J. H. Y. Briggs, 'Evangelical Ecumenism: The Amalgamation of General and Particular Baptists in 1891'

Nigel Wright, 'Koinonia and Baptist Ecclesiology: Self-Critical Reflections from Historical and Systematic Perspectives' (1984)

Stephen Copson, 'Renewing Associations' (2000)

Peter Shepherd, 'The Baptist Union's Ministerial Settlement Scheme and Sustentation Scheme' (2000)


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