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God's Story: Five Acts

Something I wrote for church back in 2010 built around Tom Wright's suggestion for the bible as a like a Shakespeare 5-act drama.

1 God
with a 5 Act story
Act 1 begins with nothing
and then Creation
the world, the universe and everything in it
light and dark, land and water, trees and grass, fruit and crops
tigers and ants, eagles and penguins
and last but by no means least
human beings – boys and girls, women and men

Act 2 begins with a call to go
To a couple ready for retirement
From Abraham and Sarah
Comes Isaac, then Jacob and Esau
And then a whole people Israel
Divided into 12
A people blessed by God
A people called to be a blessing
And from this people

After many years of Advent waiting
After many hopes longing for his arrival
Comes a new-born babe
And so Act 3 begins with Christmas joy
For a child is given
God has sent himself
Fully human, fully God
And named Jesus the love of God revealed
He is the storyteller, the healer, the master chef,
the prophet, the friend of sinners and the miracle maker
and this life finds it climax in a week
that begins with a donkey ride and a road covered with palm branches
later on the Thursday night friends gather for a late meal
followed by a Garden visit
and then arrest and trial
and the Friday sees Jesus hanging on a cross
A Saturday of grief and loss
is followed by an Easter Sunday surprise
an empty tomb and Jesus returned

40 days later Jesus ascends
returning to God
10 days later on Pentecost day
the Spirit arrives – with fire and wind and tongues
Act 3 is over, Act 4 begins
The church
Sent by Jesus
Empowered from on high
To share good news
to live the way of the cross
to look with hope for resurrection day

and so here we are
part of that church
part of that history
part of that people
blessed by God to be a blessing
following Jesus
filled with the Spirit
looking to when God
Father, Spirit, Son
is all in all
and then Act 5
this salvation story will find its end in God
and new creation



was that for me? thanks, stealing it and adding some drum and bass!!!

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