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Once More, The Deliverance of God

The latest Scottish Journal of Theology 65.1 (January 2012) contains two more articles on Douglas Campbell's The Deliverance of God. First an article review by Alan Torrance (which reads basically as the paper he gave a few weeks ago at King's) and second a response from Campbell, 'Beyond Justification in Paul: The Thesis of The Deliverance of God' (which is a revised version of his response at the SBL gathering in November 2009 to Douglas Moo, Michael Gorman and Ann Jervis).

Also in this edition of SJT is another article in the long running debate about the relationship between the doctrine of the Trinity and the doctrine of Election in the theology of Karl Barth that began with Bruce McCormack's chapter 'Grace and Being' in The Cambridge Companion to Karl Barth in 2000. This latest article sees Kevin Hector respond a second time.



Typical. For the first time in over ten years, I've decided not to renew my subscription to SJT, and now it publishes at least four interesting-looking articles in one edition.

Bill Ford

Thank you for your coverage of The Deliverance of God. FYI, there are several interviews with Douglas Campbell posted on the web site (See the series "You're Included". In one of these interviews he provides a very nice summation of his work in Deliverance.

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