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Doug Campbell's Rereading of Romans 1-4

The Debate over The Deliverance of God by Douglas Campbell goes on

The latest Journal for the Study of the New Testament contains two review articles by Barry Matlock and Grant Macaskill of The Deliverance of God: An Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul and a response from Douglas Campbell

Zeal for Paul but Not According to Knowledge: Douglas Campbell’s War on ‘Justication Theory’
R. Barry Matlock

Review Article: The Deliverance of God
Grant Macaskill

An Attempt to be Understood: A Response to the Concerns of Matlock and Macaskill with The Deliverance of God
Douglas A. Campbell

These are the second set of extended article length reviews that I know of (a list of other reviews can be found here) and have just in time ahead of the two day conference taking place from tomorrow at King's College London on the book with Doug himself, Alan Torrance, Chris Tilling, David Hilborn and others.


Chris Tilling

Great to have you involved, Andy, and great comments at the end.

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