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New annual Colin Gunton Lecture

I have just heard that the theology department at King's College London are recognising the huge contribution that Colin made to theology at King's and organising an annual public lecture dedicated to his memory and work. The first one will be on the 20th September and will feature Professor Alan Torrance, as well as a number of other papers. More information will be available I imagine from the department's website in due course. I'm gutted that I will miss it this year as I will be in India, but hopefully some or all it will be either recorded or subsequently published.



Hi Andy,

Full details and a registration form are now available from


This was gutting to have missed. I am actually also in India (still), what about you?

Do you know if it is possible to get hold of some of the papers? I didn't see any info on any future Lectures. Did it fail to become an annual thing?

Andy Goodliff

Joseph, this is an annual thing. Lecture this year was by Christoph Schwoebel. Not currently published.

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