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Martyn Percy on 'Fresh Expressions'

Is martyrdom the new hospitality?

The last decade saw a growing amount of literature around hospitality, and as another book is published on Christian martyrdom, I'm wondering if we're seeing another trend and why. I have not as yet got round to reading any of these books.

The purple crown: the politics of martyrdom by Tripp York (Hearld, 2007)

To Share in the Body: A Theology of Martyrdom for Today's Church by Craig Hovey (Brazos, 2008)

Pilgrim holiness: martyrdom as descriptive witness by Joshua J. Whitfied (Wipf & Stock, 2009)

Martyrdom and Identity: The Self on Trial by Michael Jensen (T & T Clark, 2010)

Witness of the Body: The Past, Present, and Future of Christian Martyrdom edited by Michael Budde and Karen Scott (Eerdmans, 2011)


bruce hamill

Last month our parish had 'hospitality week'. Thanks goodness we only do it once a year. How often do you think we should do martyrdom week?

bruce hamill

ps: I recommend Hovey's book

Liam Byrns

maybe its a move of the spirit? Learning to value one another in community, and then feeling the loss of one another? So interested to read some of these reflections on martyrdom...

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