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Helping Local Churches Respond to Economic Crisis

Through advent at John Bunyan Baptist Church, I'm running 4 evenings looking a different contemporary issues - so far we've looked at UK politics and also Afghanistan and war. This week were looking at money and the economic crisis. I found some great resources here on the website of Columbia Theological Seminary from their journal @thispoint Spring 2009, for those who might want to have a go at tackling it with their church. It has a set of articles and then 4 'lesson plans'. Looks like they have some good stuff in their archives as well, for example on creation; new church experiments; living faithfully in a culture of fear.


Tim Presswood

North Western Baptist Association ran a good seminar on this very issue recently. They also published a booklet "God and Mammon"

I can't see it on their website, but you can always email Jon Boyers who organised it on:

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