Book Review: The Real Godsend
Women - asset in church or huge liability?

British Baptist Theologians 16. Michael H. Taylor

Michael Taylor was Director of Christian Aid for twelve years from 1985–97, and from 2001–04 was seconded by the University to be Director of the World Faiths Development Dialogue. He was closely involved in the creation of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics. He was President of the Jubilee 2000 Debt Campaign and chairs several NGOs. He is interested in using the insights of faith traditions (mainly Christianity) to inform social policy especially in the area of poverty reduction and human development.

Principal, Northern Baptist College (1969-1985)

Director of Christian Aid (1985-1997)

Professor of Social Theology, University of Birmingham (1997-)

Director of the World Faiths Development Dialogue (2001-2004)


'Ministerial Training and Theological Education', The Fraternal 164 (May 1972)

Variations on a Theme (Stainer and Bell, 1973)

The Plain Man's Guide to the Incarnation (ONE, 1977)

Christians and the future of social democracy (1982)

Learning to Care: Christian Reflection on Pastoral Practice (SPCK, 1983)

Good for the poor: Christian ethics and world development (1990)

Not Angels but Agencies: The ecumenical response to Poverty (SCM, 1996)

Poverty and Christianity: Reflections at the interface between faith and experience. The Bernard Gilpin Pastoral Theology Lectures 2000 (SCM, 2000)

Christianity, Poverty and Wealth (SPCK 2003)

'Poverty and Globalization' in Peter Heslam (ed.), Globalization and the God (SPCK, 2004)

'Faith in the Global Economic System', Studies in Christian Ethics  17.2 (2004)

Eat, Drink and Be Merry, for Tomorrow We Live: Studies in Christianity and Development (T & T Clark, 2005)

Border Crossings: Exploring Social Theology in Christianity and Islam. The Nordenhaug Lectures 2005 (IBTS, 2006)


Paul Beesley

Hi Andy

Did you know that Michael is a member of the church where I am Minister-in-training.


Katja Stuerzenhofecker

Do you have the page references for the first publication in the Fraternal? I am trying to get hold of this but the British Library requires the page refs. before they can send me the article (I don't quite know why). Your blog seems to be the only place that knows about this article. Your help would be most useful for my research of the teaching in practical theology in the UK. many thanks for your help, Katja

Andy Goodliff

Sorry Katja, I don't know the page references ... could try contacting someone at the angus library (which will have a copy) to find out:

Katja Stuerzenhofecker

thank you very much, I will contact them!

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