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Witness, Watchman and Weaver

I spent some of the day with John Rackley back at Manvers Street in Bath talking about church and ministry. He mentioned one understanding of ministry that I hadn't come across and which has been articulated by Rowan Williams - the minister [priest] as witness, watchman and weaver. You can read the Archbishop's lecture given in 2004 here where he explais what he means. The words have been picked up and expanded on by Justin Lewis-Anthony in his book, with an excellent title, If you meet George Herbert on the road, kill him: Radically: Re-Thinking Priestly Ministry and which I now want to read.


John Rackley

Yes go and read it! It was good for me because he has read all the books I approve of. He mentioned one of my 1960s heroes Nick Stacey who he then debunked.He had understood what Rowan Williams was saying; hence the '3Ws' and re-constructed parish ministry in terms of a rule of life - which I think is the way to go for our ministers and churches too

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