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New article on Colin Gunton's Theology

The failure of a laudable project: Gunton, the Trinity and human self-understanding - Bernhard Nausnera (Scottish Journal of Theology 62.4 [2009])

This article seeks to summarise and critically analyse Colin Gunton's trinitarian theology in regard to the claim that the doctrine of the Trinity is a doctrine with radical consequences for human life. To this end it engages, first, in an examination of Gunton's trinitarian project following his thought from a cultural critical starting point finally leading to the establishment of three open transcendentals and, second, in a critical analysis of this approach, highlighting some essential inconsistencies in regard to Cappadocian theology, the concepts of relationality and personhood and practical consequences for human life. In conclusion, the article suggests that Gunton's strong emphasis on relationality and his search for open transcendentals could be understood as the result of his passionate aspiration to heal the wounds of an egocentric, individualistic and alienating modern culture through an ontology of communion.



This sounds interesting. I must look in to this article since I've just started a PhD at Uppsala University with Gunton as one of my main people in working out some conclusions of what happens when Gunton's trinitarian theology meets with Judith Butler's post-structuralism and Steven Pinker's evolutionary psychology and what implications this might have for anthropology. I get the feeling that I will not agree with Nausnera, but we'll see.

I wouldn't mind starting some conversation with you about Gunton. I think that could be rewarding.

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