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should food not fairly traded be labelled 'unfair trade'?

Interesting article from Johann Hari in today's Independent on giving the English a spring clean. Here's what he says on the words 'fair trade'

Labelling food as "Fair Trade." This phrase suggests that paying desperately poor people a decent wage is a nice ethical add-on, and a gratifying departure from the norm. In fact, it should be taken for granted – the default position of civilised human beings. If we believed that, the labelling would be reversed: it's all the other food that should be labelled as "Unfair Trade", "Rapacious Trade", or "Let's-Pay-a-Pittance Trade." The terrific comedian Andy Zaltzman suggests a sign that could be on the packets: it is a silhouette of an obese businessman pissing on an African child.



its always fun in shops that do not have fair trade coffee to ask for a cup of ethically suspect refeshment instead.

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