Graham N. Stanton (1940-2009)
Graham Watts new Spurgeon's Tutor in Doctrine

Jesus and Peter Reduced

Last week was Lemmings again. My last year. We looked at Jesus and Peter. On the last night, like we did with Elijah and Elisha the year previously, we did a reduced version of the week.

‘I am fishing
I am fishing
Cross the waters
Cross the sea’
Jesus comes on the scene
Follow me.
Everything left
An adventures begins
A journey gets going

John the Baptist dead
Then 5,000 fed
Then Peter and Co.
Set sail from the shore
‘what’s that coming over the sea is it a monster is it a monster? ...’
No, it’s Jesus water walking
Peter says   
Coming ready or not
Jumps out and takes a few steps
Before looking down
then sinking down
Jesus reaches out
And says look at me!
Keep your eyes on me

Walking together:
Who do they say that I am?
Replies come thick and fast
Some say … (Elijah!)
Some say … (John the Baptist!)
And others say … (Elvis!)
How about you? What do you say?
Peter says the one who can save
Jesus says this is God-given insight
From now on you’re ‘Rocky’
And then
‘I will build my church
and the gates of hell
shall not prevail
against it’   
I will build my church
People not buildings
Be loved
To be loving

Round a table
Friends ask questions
Where is the kingdom
The promised kingdom
When is the moment
All will be right
Instead of an answer
Jesus brings questions
They all remember
(the boy with his lunch- feeding many from little)
(the girl who ran up with jam on her face)
(Matthew’s lunch- where Jesus served up God’s love to the unloved)
(the good man whose wealth blocked his way to the kingdom)
Stories - moments
Where love surprises
where love changes
‘love changes everything …’
sin and shame
kingdom moments
mustard seed moments

One cool evening
One familiar garden
Peter claims he will follow
But can’t stay awake
Soldiers arrive
Off comes the ear
But Jesus leaves without a fight
All the others takes flight…

The High Priest’s courtyard
Alone with the fire
Aren’t you?
I do not know the man
Surely you are?
I do not know the man
But your accent …?
I do not know the man
Cock crows.
Peter weeps.

Next day
Jesus is dead
Seems like game over.
And Peter is left in the mess
He has made
But God through the cross
and he loves
wrong word
wrong thought
or wrong act
that binds or imprisons
weighs down or holds back
God loves
and he loves.

Three days later:
‘He raised me up ...’
Jesus is back
Body and soul

And Peter is gone…
Back to Galilee
Back to the start
Back to fishing
But dawn arrives with no fish biting
A stranger calls: try fishing again
Fish come a-plenty
Boat is heavy
“If you don’t know me by now…”
It’s Jesus!

Peter jumps out
And gets wet all over – again!
Pete and JC face to face
the past needs healing
breakfast comes
difficult questions
difficult answers
‘once, twice, three times …’
finish with love
and a fresh commission
same as the old one
but deeper and stronger
follow me
know me
and show me



This is fantastic, well done!

Andy Goodliff

mim must share credit, although i did come up with a lot of the songs we put in it ... great fun to write and then great fun to perform ... we wrote an even shorter version, which on the third attempt we were able to under 60 seconds.

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