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a portrait of Paul Fiddes

DSCN9008 Last night the portrait of Paul Fiddes, Principal of Regent's Park College (1989-2007) was unveiled by Rex Mason (a previous senior tutor in Old Testament at the college). Guests we gathered from the Oxford theology faculty (Chris Rowland, John Barton, Robert Morgan), the Faith and Unity department of the Baptist Union (Graham Sparkes, Wale Hudson-Roberts) and others to be present for this special formal hall. Paul's is the only portrait in Regent's where you can see a window onto the college quad. 

Earlier in the week I was at the Faith & Unity Executive in Manchester and had the great joy of giving Paul a lift up there and back.  Amongst our conversation he told me about his current projects. Over the next few years we can look forward to - an expanded version of his 2005 Bampton Lectures on wisdom; a commentary on Romans (in the Blackwell Bible Commentaries series); a book on theology and Shakespeare; and finally a systematic theology that interacts with literature, building on previous work (The Promised End) and a statement of which can be found in an article in IJST 11. 1 (January 2009).


Craig Gardiner

I just felt in the current atmosphere of truth and transparency the blogging world should know that so engrossed was Andy in his conversation with Paul that they went the wrong way enroute to Faith and Unity. Thankfully their theological guidance to the Executive remained unimpaired!


The wrong way? From Oxford to Didcot?

andy goodliff

We were in Manchester, and I missed the turn to come off the M6 and we ended up on our way to Bolton, ended up coming to LKH via Pendleton ...

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