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British Baptist Theologians 14: Neville Clark

Born 1927. Died 2002.

Minister, Rochester (1956-59)
Minister, Amersham Free Church (1959-75)
Tutor, South Wales Baptist College (1975-85)
Principal, South Wales Baptist College (1985-2001)

A founding (in 1963) and longstanding member of the Joint Liturgical Group.

Major Publications

An Approach to the Theology of the Sacraments (SCM, 1956) (This was a version of his MA thesis)

'The Theology of Baptism' in Christian Baptism, (ed.) A. Gilmore (Lutterworth, 1959), pp.306-326

Call to Worship
(SCM, 1960)

'The Fulness of the Church of God' in The Pattern of the Church: A Baptist View, (ed.) A Gilmore (Lutterworth, 1963), pp.79-113

Interpreting the Resurrection (SCM, 1967)

'The Crisis of Biblical Theology' in L. G. Champion (ed.), Outlook for Christianity: Essays Presented to Dr. Ernest Payne (Lutterworth, 1967)

'Servant of the Servants of God' in Ministry in Question, (ed.) A. Gilmore (DLT, 1971)

(ed.) with R. Jasper, Initiation and Eucharist: Essays on their Structure (Joint Liturgical Group, 1972)

'Problems and Perspectives' and 'Liturgy and Christian Formation' in Worship and the Child (ed.) R. Jasper (Joint Liturgical Group, SPCK, 1975)

'The Baptist Tradition' in Singing the Faith: essays by members of the Joint Liturgical Group on the use of hymns in liturgy (ed.) Charles Roberston (Canterbury Press, 1990)

Preaching in Context: Word, Worship and the People of God (Kevin Mayhew, 1991)

Pastoral Care in Context: An Essay in Pastoral Theology (Kevin Mayhew, 1992)

'Review Article: Baptist Praise and Worship', Baptist Quarterly 35 (1993), pp.95-100

'Initiation and Eschatology' in Baptism, the New Testament and the Church. Historical and Contemporary Studies in Honour of R. E. O. White edited by Stanley E. Porter & Anthony R. Cross (JSNT Supp 171, Sheffield Academic Press, 1999)


John Freshwater

I knew Neville overfifty years.Call to Worship was, I am sure, Neville's Master of Sacred Theology thesis at Union Theological Seminary, New York.

This is a small correction, but his MA was from Oxford and required no examination after the BA.

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