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I spent Tuesday at a day seminar on child theology hosted by the child theology movement. This was an opportunity to meet Keith White, Haddon Willmer and others and hear more about child theology. White and Willmer are currently working on a book that will offer perhaps the first extensive example of child theology, which will be based on a reading of Matthew 18.  Until then there are smaller and shorter pieces available, some of which have been collected together in a book launched on Tuesday called Toddling to the Kingdom: child theology at work in the church (CTM, 2009). I'm not sure about the title, but it's only £4.99, so a bargain at 256pp.  This is something of grass roots conversation that is happening around the world - Jerome Berryman (founder of godly play) has called it an 'important travelling seminar'.  How much impact it will have remains to be seen.  I think it does have an important voice to listen to and along with the work of a theology of children is developing a much negelected area of theological thought.


Jon Bishop

This sounds pretty interesting. Can you recommend any other books on the subject.

Hope you are good btw.

Andy Goodliff

Jon the book I mention in the post, otherwise visit the CTM website are the best places to start.

Keith G Jones

This is an important debate and Haddon Willmer and Keith White are to be commended for their initiative. Vanessa Lake from IBTS is heading up our team addressing this theological discourse

andy goodliff

Keith, i saw Vanessa the day, but didn't get round to saying hello.

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