Baptist Quarterly, January 2009
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British Baptist Theologians 13: H. Wheeler Robinson

Born 1872. Died 1945.

An important Baptist theologian from the first half of the twentieth century. A renowned Old Testament scholar. Robinson was Principal of Regent's Park College when it moved from London to Oxford.

Tutor, Rawdon College (1906-1920)
Principal, Regent's Park College (1920-1945)

President of the Baptist Historical Society
President of the Society for Old Testament Study  (1929)

Major Publications

The Christian Doctrine of Man (1911, 2nd ed. 1913, 3rd ed. 1926)

The Religious Ideas of the Old Testament (1913, 6th ed. 1938)

Baptist Principles (1925, 2nd ed. 1926, 3rd ed. 1938, 4th ed. 1955)

The Life and Faith of Baptists (1927, rev ed. 1946)

The Christian Experience of the Holy Spirit (1928, 3rd ed. 1962)

'The Hebrew Conception of Corporate Personality', Zeitschrift fur Alttestamentliche Wissenshaft (1936)

Redemption and Revelation: in the actuality of history (1942)

Inspiration and Revelation in the Old Testament (1946)

The Cross in the Old Testament (SCM, 1955)

Secondary Literature

Ernest A. Payne (ed.), Studies in History and Religion: Presented to Dr. H. Wheeler Robinson, M. A., on his seventieth birthday (Lutterworth, 1942)
E. A. Payne, Henry Wheeler Robinson: Scholar, Teacher, Principal: A Memoir (1946)
W. R. Matthews, H. Wheeler Robinson', Baptist Quarterly 12.1 (1946)
M. P. Matheney, 'Teaching Prophet: The Life and Continuing Influence of Theodore Henry Robinson', Baptist Quarterly 29.5 (1982)
D. A. Garrett, 'H. Wheeler Robinson' in T. George and D. S. Dockery (eds.), Baptist Theologians (Nashville, 1990)
Rex Mason, 'H Wheeler Robinson Revisited' Baptist Quarterly 37.5 (1998)


Joseph M. Smith

Only this week I cited Robinson's work on "corporate personality" in a Bible study on Joshua-Judges I am doing in a church. My late father-in-law, Eric Rust, used to cite him as "the old man" and as his mentor in OT Theology.

Would you consider sometime in your series of British Baptist Theologians featuring Eric Rust, though he did flee to this side of the pond in his 40's?

Michael Westmoreland-White

Joseph, I'm on your side of the pond and would love to compare notes on your father-in-law. Contact me, please @ or through my Facebook page (since my email is backed up).

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