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December 09, 2008


simon jones

Not to attempt new things - or fresh expressions - would surely raise even more theological and ecclesiological questions in a country where church membership/attendance is still plummeting...

Steven Croft has recently edited an interesting collection of essays called Mission-shaped Questions raising some of the concerns that might lurk in your comments. It has some excellent essays in it - worth checking out.

andy goodliff

Simon, I take the point and I'm not suggesting that we don't (as UK churches) do anything ... just that often we go ahead in pragmatic mode and leave the theological reflection until later

... the (perceived?) success of church growth stuff, purpose driven, alpha is that they're pragmatic - the theology is almost trivial.

I know about Mission-Shaped Questions, but not read it ... books like this are important because they help us evaluate and ask questions of our practice.

simon jones

I agree that the perceived success of church growth theories and programmes such as Alpha and Purpose-driven church is not all the cheer-leaders suggest.

My experience of emerging church is that it is more self-consciously reflective of what it's doing; it's asking theological and ecclesiological questions as it goes along.

Obviously, it's not dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's but it is asking what we are are and what we do and why as it gives shapes to what it's doing.

see-through faith

looks an very interesting read. We learn a lot from critique :)

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