Journal of Theological Interpretation, Fall 2008
This made my day

2nd presidential debate

Watching the 2nd American presidential debate was depressing. I thought Obama was an alternative to McCain, but when it came to foreign policy, it was difficult to tell the two apart. McCain just talked rubbish, scary rubbish. The only real difference seemed that Obama would not have gone into Iraq. But he was quite happy to go and kill Bin Laden and seemed to believe that would end the (supposed) 'war on terror'. Both men seemed to live in a dream world. Listening to them on Russia: Obama talked about 'dangerous nationalist impulses' - look at yourselves!!!  America, like Great Britain, has very rarely, in my opinion, been a 'force for good' in the world. I can only hope that this is just Obama feeling he has to sound tough on foreign policy for the voters.



The other annoying thing was their tendency to take longer than the allocated time to answer questions, misrepresent each other, and also to not answer the questions they were asked directly. This was especially evident when they were asked a question that required a simple "yes" or "no" answer.

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