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Baptist Quarterly, July 2008

Doctor Who

Flip! Doctor Who is getting good. Tonight's episode 'Midnight' watch here was fantastic - best yet - in its simple set-up and reminded me of classic Buffy Vampire the Slayer episodes, like 'Hush'.  The more I see of Russell T. Davies Doctor Who the more I see the influence of Joss Whedon's Buffy series (and its spin-off Angel - so Torchwood).  This fourth series has been excellent, the two previous episodes before tonight's, were also fantastically written and acted. In a time when American TV is producing quality dramatic series like
Lost, Damages, Mad Men and House, Doctor Who is the sole offering we have that compares in terms of quality.



I completely agree. I have been truely impressed by this series, and all my reservations about Catherine Tate have gone out the window!

craig gardiner

if you look very carefully in the park scenes from the last Dr Who 2 part-er (the library one) you can see our manse. Next day they film there we're going to hang a picture of Billie Piper in the window and see what happens next!

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