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One more reason why Duke Divinity would be a great place to study

Jason reports that Jeremy Begbie will be moving to Duke University later this year. Is there another university that can match the faculty there?

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Jeremy Begbie has over twenty years carved himself a niche in the area of music and theology. He has led the way with the programmes 'theology through the arts' and the institute for theology, imagination and the arts'. He is the author of voicing creation's praise (T & T Clark, 1989), theology, music and time (CUP, 2000) and most recently resounding truth (Baker, 2007). I'm hoping Geoff will give us a review of this latest book soon.



It's a shame the school only admits Christians. I wouldn't think such overt prejudice would be allowed in an academy these days.

Matt Easter

I've been reading your blog for a while and I enjoy it a lot. Thanks for the nice comments about Duke Divinity School. I am finishing up my third year there, and I have absolutely loved it. Concerning the above comment, I think he is right that the Divinity School is explicitly and non-apologetically Christian, but the Duke Department of Religion certainly accepts people of all faiths. Students in the Dept of Religion have opportunities to take classes with the faculty in the Divinity School as well. Perhaps this is an option?

Curtis Freeman

Thanks for your confidence in Duke Divinity School Andy. I hope you can get over here someday. Maybe we'll meet up at the BWA gathering in Prague this summer.

I wanted to provide some information about admission to Duke Divinity School which is open to all who can meet the basic admission requirements. We do have a conduct covenant that all members of the community agree to adhere to.

There is a note in the DDS Bulletin which states: "Duke Divinity School is a Christian community shaped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While we do not expect members of other faith traditions to share the theological framework out of which this covenant was developed, we welcome into our community anyone who is willing to live and work under the standards of conduct specified herein."

You can access our Divinity School Bulletin which provides more about admission at the link below.

All the best,
Curtis Freeman

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