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John Sentamu and his dog collar.

_44289338_archbishop203 In August 2006 he held a peace vigil in a tent and now in December 2007 the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu has, in an "Old Testament style" prophetic statement, cut up his dog collar - the sign of his Anglican identity - and won't wear one again in protest until President Mugabe of Zimbabwe leaves office. He said:

"Do you know what Mugabe has done? He's taken people's identity and literally, if you don't mind, cut it to pieces. This is what he's actually done to a lot of - and in the end there's nothing.

"So, as far as I'm concerned, from now on I'm not going to wear a dog collar until Mugabe is gone."

He continues to impress as a church leader. Partly he has not got himself tarnished with the homosexuality debate and is more free than Rowan Williams to speak on issues. Having said that, Rowan doesn't do badly himself. Its good to see these British church leaders engaging - prophetically - on these kind of issues. See Jim's reflections here.



Great to see those prophets are still acting out the message. He is one great guy.

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