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Disappointed with Golden Compass

Last night I saw the Golden Compass and was very disappointed. The reviews I have read are right. It's a poor film of a great book. It begins with a prologue, which in Lord of the Rings was necessary, but here felt unnecessary. The whole film is attempt to make everyone completely sure they know what is happening and why, which makes it boring. The book then jumps from scene to scene without any chance for a scene to breathe, so you don't get to know any character. The acting was fine, though not sure about the boy who played Roger. The attack on the Christian faith is so underplayed that it becomes annoying. For example at the end of the book, Lord Asriel explains to Lyra about dust and refers to the Genesis 2 narrative of Adam and Eve's disobedience. This is central to the story later as Lyra is modelled as a new Eve character. In the film this is reduced to Mrs Coulter mentioning some people long ago disobeying the Authority. I can't believe Pullman, as reported, is happy with the film. The writer and director, Chris Weitz did a good job on adapting About A Boy
for film, but here you just feel he's out of his league. The celebrated playwright and screenwriter, Tom Stoppard apparently wrote a draft screenplay, but it got rejected, I can't believe it was worse than this.



I didn't think it was particularly bad. As a film, I found it engaging, and suited to the genre.

It's been nearly 4 years since I finished reading the books, though, so I may have forgotten much of the detail. I agree that the Christianity of the Majestirium is played down a lot. But aside from that, I thought it was faithful, if lacking in length.

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