Ford and Ellis Clash at Greenbelt
The Triune God in the Theology of Colin E Gunton

Eight Reasons to Go to Greenbelt Next Year

1. a great line-up of talks and panel discussions that cover theology, politics, environment, church, worship, interfaith relations, film, music, etc

2. the ikon worship service - a now unmissable event at greenbelt

3. after the ikon worship service trying to figure what just happened and what it all meant

4. greenbelt's breadth and diversity of participants. Unlike other Christian 'festivals', there is no monochrome theological stance and although some speakers do come back regularly, there are always new faces

5. meeting up with friends

6. greenbelt is not just a music festival, but is interested in all the arts - literature, poetry, performing arts, visual arts, comedy, alternative worship, as well as featuring an eclectic mix of music (2007 featured billy bragg, chas 'n' dave, delirious, duke special, john tavener, coldcut, iain archer, martyn joseph, kathryn williams and rosie thomas)

7. greenbelt communion service - communion for 20,000 people from diverse traditions is never going to be easy, but the last three years have been excellent

8. greenbelt is a place of inspiration - what would happen if we tried ...? how can we do that ...? why have we never ... ?


James Stewart

If only 2007 had featured Rosie Thomas! She couldn't make it so her place was taken by aqualung.

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