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Living Out Scripture meme (updated 7/8)

The list of participants continues to grow. I've add all those who have taken part so far. Indirectly I was asked what was mine - Gal 3.28

In The Shape of Living, David Ford writes

... be alert for some key passages of the bible to inhabit in a special way. Hans Urs von Balthasar has said that often a saint's whole life can be seen as living out just one verse of scripture. One rich verse or story can be essential to our vocation, as we come back to it year after year, and find further dimensions to it. The great words, verses and passages of scripture and the liturgy are like houses which, as we study, pray, suffer and love, are made habitable with our own furnishings, pictures, meals and children ...'

So I'd like to invite you to post that verse or story of scripture which is important to you, which you find yourself re-visiting time after time ... (you can make it two or even three, if you can't reduce it to one!). I'll tag some people to try and get it started

Simon Jones - Jeremiah 29.7
Jason Goroncy - 2 Corinthians5.16-21
Stuart Blythe - Luke 4.16-30
Fernando Gros - Philippians 4.8
- Exodus 3-4
Sean Winters  - 2 Corthinians 5.11-21
Catriona - James 2:26b
Brodie - Micah 6.8
Chris Tilling  - Psalm 27.4
Paul Whiting  - Genesis
Frank Emanuel  - John 14.1-3
Jeremy Del Rio  - Luke 10:28b
Craig - Luke 11:2b
D. W. Congdon - Romans 5.1-11
Lucy Wright - 1 Samuel 16.7
Byron Smith - Romans 8.18-24
Michael Jensen
- Colossians 1.15-20
Andrew Errington
- John 11
- Revelation 21


andy goodliff

thanks Brodie. can you unpack that little. why micah 6.8? how has this verse become important?

radical evangelical


my pennyworth

:-) jody


Mark 14:6

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