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August 02, 2007


Daniel McClain

Andy, thanks for the post on HP. We've been exploring the final book over at as well. I'd agree than in many ways Rowling is a much different, and at times lesser, author than Tolkien, especially in her macro-cosmic outlook. But I'd respectfully disagree with the judgment in comparison to Pullman. Putting Rowling's christological weaving (which I think she did brilliantly) aside, her ability to craft a coherent, readable, and completely inhabitable work is masterful, imho.
Thanks for the continued great posts. I've enjoyed your stuff.




I finished reading HP7 on the train to Berwick a couple of days ago and have since read this post. I completely agree about the last chapter!

Not read any of the Pullman stuff yet, but hope to some day.

Never liked Tolkien.

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