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Matt Redman

Greenbelt comes ever closer ... and I saw yesterday that Matt Redman, the worship songwriter will be making an appearance. It's time to come clean, I like Matt Redman. My late teens were dominated by a diet of Matt Redman worship songs. Although in the last four or five years I've distanced myself from the Soul Survivor style of worship and ministry (and embraced a much more contemplative, liturgical and alternative approach to worship), I still enjoy listening to the latest Matt Redman song. I think, generally (with some exceptions), he writes good and help songs for worship. Those who have emerged after him, are still someway behind him in terms of lyrical and theological quality. I get the sense also that Redman is someone interested in theology, albeit probably a bit too much John Piper for my liking.

Ten Matt Redman worship songs for the church

1. Show me the way of the cross (from the Friendship and the Fear, 1997)

2. Befriended (from Where Angels Fear to Tread, 2002)

3. Gifted Response (from Facedown, 2004)

4. So fearfully and wonderfully made (from Beautiful News, 2007)

5. You never let go (from Beautiful News, 2007)

6. You led me to the cross (from the Father's Song, 2000)

7. Let everything that has breath (from Intimacy, 1998)

8. O Jesus, Son of God (from the Father's Song, 2000)

9. Blessed be your name (from Where Angels Fear to Tread, 2002)

10. Justice and Mercy (from the Father's Song, 2000)



You haven't included 'Here am I, a Sinner free'. It's about the only Redman song that I can stand, with only one word that I'd like to change.

I first heard it when I was a raving charismatic and I thought, "Wow, there are some modern-day hymns!"


I like a fair bit of Matt Redmann's stuff too, expecially his later (post Soul Survivor) stuff. My own favourites are probably 'When the Music Fades' (so long as it is not sung really loudly 3.5 times through by people who clearly don't get it...) and 'Blessed be Your Name.'

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