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Incarnate_house_party_2007_medium_2 I spent the day at Baptist house in Didcot at an Incarnate Network steering group meeting. This is still a fledging network, although over 200 have register on the website and 50 or so attended their houseparty last year. There is a lot of potential to get Baptist churches and the BUGB more focused on church planting and emerging church. One thing that is sorely needed is financing. The Anglicans and Fresh Expressions are way ahead of the game on this.  I have to wonder where the BU is with regards to church planting and emerging church. It doesn't seem to be on many people's radar. Where are these kinds of conversations taking place? Council? Assembly? Regional areas? Baptist House?

This is a group of people who are passionate about mission and reaching people outside of the church. I think they are a pretty rare bunch. I will be at the houseparty this year and hope to contribute to the network through some writing and other stuff. There hoping to get some regional gatherings started for anyone interested or currently involved in church planting.



Andy, good to see you yesterday and good to have you as part of the group. I think your summary of the problems within BU regarding church planting is very good however it is hard to see things changing with our current structures in place. The Baptist have many advantages to the way we opperate but this is definitely one disadvantage as far as I can see. Anyway but to revision and good to have you onboard.

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