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Mary Douglas (1921-2007)

deep church blog

I've set up a deep church blog, which hopefully will a place of conversation about deep church and theology in london. There is some exciting theology happening in london and some exciting theologians involved (douglas knight, luke bretherton, graham tomlin, crispin fletcher-louis). Strangely at almost the same time  Jason Clark has set up a deep church website with a similar aim. So mine might become null and void. I'm interested in deep church for two reasons it reflects the way I like to do theology and also because I think if the emerging church and church planting is to really make an impact it needs to discover the deep resources of the christian faith.


Douglas Knight

Two blogs are better than one. Besides, I have always thought of 'Andy Goodliff' as THE Deep Church blog. This is the place for intelligent and well-presented theology news and book news in the UK


excellent! this isa great discussion.

andy goodliff

Thanks Andrew. I see you're going to be at one of the conversations. I hope to be around for some

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