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IJST, April 2007

chocolate Jesus

Christfrontpage I'm coming a little late to this party, but wanted to post on this only so that those who might not have heard about the story would. See comments here on the same topic from kester and ashley. The chocolate Jesus is a life-size sculpture of Jesus on the cross made out of chocolate. If this wasn't bad enough (for some American Christians), Jesus is also naked and you can see his penis. I think that Jesus is naked is the real reason the Catholic League and others have got this piece banned from the public eye. I think its brilliant. A great prophetic act showing how we've commercialized the easter story into chocolate eggs and long weekend. Ashley suggests if we created mini-chocolate Jesuses (probably need to be clothed!) they would find a market. We get so offended, but more offensive is the way we live our lives as if God doesn't really matter. So our offensive ends up being empty and hollow - like an easter egg!


Account Deleted

Good post Andy...did it say what they did with the chocolate Jesus after it was removed?

Paul Martin

I don't know - like you, I sense, I don't really get the big brouhahas around these, uh... major "issues"... but I'm thinking another reason some might find it objectionable is it sort of pokes fun of eating the body and the blood. Chocolate instead of bread and wine... "Christianity Lite," as it were.

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