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March 03, 2007



serena is music director in S London... Bromley I think


ps Serena is a Deacon in her church as well, as of this weekend.


Officially, I'm a Baptist (Assoc. pastor at Kings Heath Baptist, Northampton), though my blog is weighted more to anabaptist issues.

Also, Lloyd Pietersen may or may not count:

andy goodliff

thanks Graham. I'll add these on soon.


Oh, I forgot Richard Pool, who pastors at Cotton End, Bedford.


Hi Andy,

I'm not exactly blogging theology*, but do I count? ;o)

(*or am I..?)

Angela Almond

Kirby Muxloe
[Pastor's Wife, Member of Baptist Connexion National Committee since 1987, lived in a Baptist Manse for almost all of my 50+ years, been preaching for the past 40 - do I count?]

Jonathan Langley

Um, is it rude or cheeky to say myself? I am a Baptist and write in the Baptist Times, though I am a bit of a pinko :) is that okay?


Hi again Andy,

Just to let you know I've moved my blog to

Baptist Bookworm

Hi Andy,
I'm also blogging stuff...


I'm now at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Wolverhampton, and Paul Lavendar is at Mount Pleasant in Northampton.



tony maude
Peebles Baptist church

Tony Maude

Just like to point out that it's Peebles, not Pebbles, that I'm at. And thanks to my wife for getting me onto this list

Jo Regan

Hi Andy, I have just started blogging but would love to be added to your list of Baptist bloggeres. I have just completed my training to be a baptist minister and I am in the process of settlement. Whilst I wait on God for the church to which he has called me I am returning to Bristol Baptist College to do an MA in missional studies. So have you decided to do your PHD full-time in September?

Keith G Jones

For those of your readers who are not "Little Englanders" don't forget the IBTS Community Blog ! - Keith


Hi Andy, just to say I'm at Worcester Park Baptist - no longer in Chippenham. Lucy

Helen Heaht

And me.

John Duffy

Hi Andy, just to let you know that we are re-launching the Moortown Baptist Church website. This will be at
As regular bloggers we will have:
Professor Haddon Willmer (mentioned on your site) who will be editing a column which will definitely be worth reading!
Revd. Graham Brownlee now Senior Pastor at MBC, formerly Regional Minister at the YBA
Revd. Glenda Down Youth Pastor at MBC
Their first blogs are up now. Please come along and browse around.
Kind Regards

Johli Baptist

Hi Andy. I'm a Baptist blogger and have a YouTube channel.

Ian Greig

I'm a Baptist minister currently working in the area of coaching and facilitative consultancy. My blog is here:

Charles crosland

I'm a baptist minister blogging here



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