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This is a violent film, the wanton destruction of life I found difficult to watch. This is not the popcorn violence of Bad Boys 2 or Mr and Mrs Smith.  Having seen the film and now watching the news about a third murder in South London of a young person, you are left searching for answers. Surely the answer is not to open two more prisons. The recent stories of  African countries - Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Dafur, Zimbabwe are stories of violence, of senseless violence. How do we respond to this violence? Blood Diamond is not a horror film, but there is something horrific about scenes involving children playing soliders. Here we see children given the ability to take life, who are told that a gun will give them the respect.  Again this is the reality of some children's lives, and we encourage children to literally play games (the latest being a supposedly 'Christian' game). Brodie gives one way of responding.



Andy - Ketser Brewin gives what I think is an insightful analysis of the London shootings on his blog. It's worth aread.


I was very pleased with the scene where Solomon's Son pulls a gun on him and Alex. The love of his father struggling with the mental pressure of his seeming indocrtination is well portrayed, and Solomon's love for his son is deeply moving.

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