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Blood Diamond and films about Africa

Films about Africa, especially conflict and war are coming think and fast from Hollywood in recent years. We've had the Rwandian genocide (Hotel Rwanda, Shooting Dogs), pharmaceutical corruption in Kenya (The Constant Gardener), truth and reconciliation in South Africa (In My Country), the story of Ugandan Idi Amin (The Last King of Scotland), and civil war in Nigeria (Tears of the Sun). There was also Beyond Borders, about aid workers in Africa. Apart from the latter film, these films have been generally compelling and served as important reminders to us as the West of our moral failure as nations (especially in 1994 Rwanda). Blood Diamond is the latest and continues the trend. The backdrop to the story is the 1999 Sierra Leone Civil War. There are some great performances all round and the script is generally well written. Fernando writes a good review here. What other films have there been about Africa? Cry Freedom, the story of Steve Biko. The Power of One, about an English boy growing up in 1930s-1940s South Africa. I guess parts of Amistad and Black Hawk Down.



Andy - I've just posted on Blood Diamond today as well, Gave Fern's review a plug as well.
The film left me and my wife wanting to do something and as we're not planning to buy any diamonds we felt there was nothing to do. I was wrong - helping support charities that are working with child soldiers is something that can be done. I've suggested what we can do in my post!


I apologize for this being out of place. I wanted to let you know that there is a better link for Colin Gunton over at (instead of Wikipedia's).


Hey Andy, watched this on Sunday night. See my thoughts over on my site.


It's very interesting that Hollywood films set in Africa have switched from being photogenic/mysterious/adventure settings (Out of Africa, Snows of Kilimanjaro, Congo, Hatari, African Queen), to being ethical issues, like the films you mention.

One you could add to the list is The Interpreter.

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