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Theology journals

Here's a list of the major english-speaking theological journals currently available. I try and keep track of what is emerging.

International Journal for Systematic Theology - high-calibre constructive Christian theology, publishing the best new work in the discipline

Modern Theology - scholarly articles addressing issues specific to the discipline of theology and wider issues from a theological perspective

Scottish Journal of Theology - an international journal of systematic, historical and biblical theology

Pro Ecclesia - a journal of catholic and evangelical theology

Journal of Theological Studies

Theology Today - a quarterly ecumenical journal of Christian theology

- the definitive journal for all those who want to develop and deepen their knowledge of theology

Ecclesiology - the journal for ministry, mission and unity

Theology and Sexuality -  an international journal functioning primarily as a resource for those undertaking theological studies of sexuality and gender issues

Studies in Christian Ethics - an English-language journal devoted exclusively to questions arising in the field of Christian ethics and moral theology

Journal of Theological Interpretation


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Thanks for the links on those - could be very useful.

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Good. I had a quick look at your blog. Who is tractor girl?

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