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Last night I watched  The Doomsday Code presented by Tony Robinson. It explored how many evangelical christians in America have embraced end time theology, popularized in the Left Behind books of Tim LaHaye (I've posted here on why Left Behind is wrong), but believed as a true reading of scripture, especially of the book of Revelation. Robinson showed how the consequences of such beliefs are dangerous for the Middle East situation (in terms of  finding a peaceful solution), the environment and for the development of African countries. In my view it only gave more support to Hauerwas' desire to take the bible out of American Christians' hands. Listening to the various 'end-timers' who were interviewed, you realize they have no doctrine of creation, no doctrine of personhood, and a skewed doctrine of God and especially of scripture. I find it incredible that so many people are actually able to believe in this kind of rubbish. They say they love God, but they care so little for human life.



Yeah but the doc was so slanted, interviewing only those preachers wearing the biggest bible belts, or with a degree in liberation theology & the gnostic gospels.

The coverage of the Rapture was so limited. There is some great theology on rapture out there, and how the belief on the return of the jewish messiah is connected with the various feasts and celebrations of israel.

Not all Christians who hold to an end time belief are as limited as the documentary portrayed. It's a shame.


From America... we say sorry. Some people here are trying to reclaim the Scripture as means of conversation but it is difficult because, as you have noticed, the church is in a drastically unhealthy place. So much so, that some those who are trying to help this beautiful mistake of a body are meeting much resistance (and in my case I got fired... bummer). But we are trying... pray for the church in america as we try to make our self kingdom politic... that can worship God.

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