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It's a sin to fly!

The Bishop of London, Richard Chartes is reported as saying its a sin to fly because it contributes to climate change and is a selfish act. He says "Sin is not just a restricted list of moral mistakes. It is living a life turned in on itself where people ignore the consequences of their actions.” I agree. I don't think the word sin is too strong here. I think the type of flying he is attacking is the cheap short break to Europe type of flying whihc has become common for people to take several times a year. When it comes to the environment the church has a responsbility to be distinctively different, to think through their actions. Theologically the church must rediscover a doctrine of creation that sees humanity as stewards of creation and God's image-bearers within it.



Does that mean that offsetting the carbon emissions from one's flights would be like buying indulgences?


I was interesed or should that be shocked to read that the guy how has set up a budget airline doing flights from London to Hing Hong at crazy prices is a Pastor. I wonder what the Bishop would say to him?

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