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Kenda Creasy Dean Notes

Youthblog has some good notes from conference in Oxford with Kenda Creasy Dean. It sounds like she was giving a summarised version of her book Practicing Passion. The question that she asks and he asks is how much of our youth ministry could happen without Jesus? That is, is Jesus tagged on to what we do? I can't help but think that we do and are church makes it very hard and maybe even impossible, without serious reimagination, to put into practice what Dean suggests is needed (and I agree with her). The way so many of us do youth ministry means we can only unwittingly foster Moralistic Therapeutic Deism among our young people. We need to ask some serious ecclesiological questions.



I have to say, although KCD is very insightful, she uses too many jargonny Americanised long words!!! No good for those of us who are not American, want to think/reflect but are put off by 'intelligent theological jargon'!!!

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