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Wake up you lazy blighters!

From Archbishop Sentamu's Maundy Thursday Sermon:

Children are always challenging and for ever bringing me down to earth.

In Birmingham I visited a school preparing for its OFSTED inspection, just before Holy Week. The children knew very well the events of Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday. We got to the Garden of Gesthemane and I asked, “What did Jesus say to his three disciples who were sleeping?”

A ten-year old piped up and said, “Wake up you lazy blighters! Judas is here: he’s been paid to get me nicked! Don’t forget what I told you. I said to you, “This is my body, this is my blood. Stick to bread and wine; don’t touch my Easter Eggs. I will be back on Sunday!”


Andy Mackay


I Like it, from the kids work at church - its sometimes amazing what comes out of kid's mouth.

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