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The Story of God

On Sunday I watched the first episode in the BBC's new series called the Story of God. Presented by Robert Winston (not an immediately obvious choice) it is a 3-part look at how different religions conceive God  and where the roots in their differing theologies come from. The first programme was part introduction, part description of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. This Sunday (7pm, BBC1) will look at the three great monotheistic faiths - Judaism, Christianity and Islam and the following week will look at how the rise of science has impact beliefs in and about God. I found it well made and certainly of potential use in the RE classroom. It will be interesting to look at how they present that which Jews, Christians and Muslims hold in common about God and that which they differ on.



I found it really interesting. It was very informative - I didn't realise how Buddsism had branched off from Hinduism. It didn't have the cynicism that a lot of programmes like that tend to have either.

There's a book of the series which looks quite good - but I think I'll watch all the episodes before buying the book.

Mark Berry

Interesting series... but wrong presenter/writer... Winston sees 'religion' through a scientists eyes... he seems to want to disassemble beliefs to understand everything, I'm not sying he is negative... he just wants to strip belief of any mystical dimension, it is simply a sum of its history/constituents parts... the series on Belief in Britain was far better and more engaging.

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