Unmasking the 'sunday school' David

This summer I'm speaking at a children's camp for 8-12 yr olds (which is a big, slightly scary and exciting, jump for me!) and we're looking at the story of David  in 1 & 2 Samuel. My memories or impression of David (I guess from my younger 'sunday school' days has always been a positive one - the small boy triumphing over the bully Goliath, the great king, the original psalmist, etc. But as I'm re-reading the narratives and Brueggemann and Goldingay alongside, the picture of David that is emerging is not the David I've always known - it is the David I never knew.  For example I've been struck by the fact that David never loves anyone, everyone loves him. Was David capable of love, or like all promising leaders caught by the limelight and the power? David is such a hero later in 1 & 2 Kings and the prophets and Jesus is hailed as a 'son of David', but the David of 1 & 2 Samuel is a much more ambigious character. I suppose with David what you ultimately get is a man who God never lets go of and never gives up, despite the character he is. It makes you wonder if the only problem with Saul was he was not David. I might blog so more David-related thoughts as the next few months go by.